Client Work.

A select tasting of my client cooked offerings


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2 0 1 7 *

*1.1 ~ Book Cover Design


*Client: David B. Thorpe — N.B.A. analyst for ESPN.COM (since ’07) / Founder and Executive Director of the Pro Training Center in Clearwater, FL..

*Project: Print / e-Book cover jacket art direction and design.

BGCreative_BasketballIsJazz_SpineOut_Front1BGCreative_BasketballIsJazz_SpineOut_Back1Print and e-Book available via Amazon here.



2 0 1 6 *

*1.1 ~ S.B.L. Identity


*Client: Nick Blackwood — Founder and Executive Director of the Sydney Basketball League.

*Project: New identity (with universal application) for the S.B.L..


P R I M A R Y  L O G O  ( B  /  W )



U N I F O R M  P A T C H



D I V I S I O N A L  S H I E L D S

The respective Men’s and Women’s competitions feature a gradient of primary logo Blue (Premier = Dark… D4 = Pale) while the brand Red was used to help distinguish the Mixed division. The respective hues were introduced to identify each level on everything from their game-night score sheets to the end-of-season championship t-shirts.



2 0 1 5 *

*1.1 ~ Band Creative




*Client: Elliott Orban — Producer / Musician / Singer / Song-writer of the Sydney based Industrial-Electro-Rock band, The Damned Humans.

*Project: Band identity, album artwork and tri-city tour marketing art direction and design.

B A N D  I D E N T I T Y

*Debut logo and sophomore album wordmark.



S H E L L G A M E  A L B U M  I N T E R I O R



C . D .  C A S E


S O C I A L  M E D I A  B A N N E R S