P O S T E R  D E S I G N *

*1.1 ~ N.B.A. @ 70



Poster available for purchase via my online store.

*This 42 x 27 inch print poster was created to celebrate the Association’s 70th anniversary and features Michael Jordan’s 23 Greatest Contributions to Basketball.




Poster available for purchase via my online store.

*This 42 x 27 inch print poster features the N.B.A.’s top 70 players (and why they matter).


– –   P O S T E R  D E T A I L S   – –



*The players featured on this poster appear in one of seven groupings — Parade Producers; Prophets & Paragons; Paint Patrollers; Premier Playmakers; Point Professors; Pioneers and Placards; Principal Partners — with each having their own iconographic representation.



*1.2 ~ Minimalist Uniforms


Contact me if you’d like to purchase a minimalist uniform poster.

*This collection of 42 x 27 inch posters features the most memorable or recognisable kits from all 30 N.B.A. franchises.





P U B L I C A T I O N  D E S I G N *

*2.1 ~ Print Covers


*These eight front pages were produced for Buckets: Issue Zero. This collection was released in 2015 and shipped to N.B.A. fans all around the world.



E D I T O R I A L  D E S I G N *

*3.1 ~ Print



*Pages from Buckets: Issue Zero ~ Published 2015.




*Pages from Buckets: 2013 Review / 2014 Preview ~ Published 2013.



*3.2 ~ Digital


*Interior pages from the Full Court Report 2015-16 N.B.A. Season Guide ~ Published 2015. The free publication can be enjoyed in full here.



I D E N T I T Y  D E S I G N *

*4.1 ~ Full Court Report


Twitter header.
— —


Primary logo set.
— —


Secondary logo set.
— —


T-shirt and promo graphic.
— —
Single colour logo x Tag line t-shirt design.
— —


The Full Court Report podcast was conceived in 2015 by Chris Savage, Mo Twister and yours truly. The show was produced by Media5, one of the Philippines’ largest broadcasters of sports and entertainment. I was tasked with creating the logo set, style guide, show branding and various marketing / social media materials.


Social media report cards.
— —
Various social media shareables.
— —


Christmas Day show promotion.
— —


Print postcard given out during the 2016 N.B.A. All-Star Weekend in Toronto.



O V E R T I M E *

*5.1 ~ N.B.A. Snapshots


*Since 2007 I have been a credentialed member of the N.B.A.’s international press corp.. During this span I’ve photographed / documented multiple regular season N.B.A. games and events. I’ve also been invited to various Basketball attractions (including the annual Draft and All-Star Weekend) and I’ve represented a handful of media outlets at select product / sneaker launches — both in Australia and the U.S..



D O U B L E  O V E R T I M E *

*6.1 ~ Personal Favourites




High resolution samples available upon request.

Please contact me if you wish to see additional creative (or client) work.

All work displayed is the copyright property of Brad Graham.